Here is a box with our name on it, but we are usually somewhere outside

Ink • Cultural Innovation Center is a diverse think-tank of heritage and education professionals, facilitating cultural and social innovation with the aim to make the communities and organizations more inclusive, creative and resilient.

What can you expect?

  • we do crazy things jump-start and facilitate cultural innovation
  • we devise culture-related & culture-embedded education and training
  • we analyze culture from all imaginable corners (and a few extra dimensions)
  • we explore, develop and apply technical, scientific and social-humanistic tools (with a twist)
  • we assess, monitor and support the management of the convergence of technical, social and cultural policies
  • we assist with the management of culturally-induced risks and security concerns
  • if you need an adaptive cultural (or culturally-leaning) program or strategy we are just the right “out there” for you
  • we develop and apply smart, respectful cultural tools to enhance resilience, development, and safety of individuals and communities,
  • we promote cultural values based on safety, respect, curiosity, and cooperation

Meet us!

Monika studied psychology and journalism in the USA and Croatia. She is working on educational policies and projects for a democracy watch-dog NGO in Croatia.

Marko is a sociologist-anthropologist and certified heritage interpretive guide, working with audiences in a nature park. He has a curious taste for culturally “difficult” topics, connecting heritage to the audiences, and for heritage sites sustainability.

Ana studied chemistry, art history, and conservation-restoration in the USA and Croatia, currently working as a metal-heritage-restorer in one of the most progressive museums in the wider region. She has a special interest in systematic restoration and conservation issues.

Krešo is an artist-painter, one of Croatian top origami masters, and (humorous, and utterly uninhibited) reviewer of cultural productions of any kind, as well as of our own projects.

Saša is a specialist of technical and social risk management for heritage institutions. His passion is the research of the heritage-security complex and resilience from the viewpoint of human security.

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