Keep your shirt on in Elefsina – but not for long!

The two beach cabins at the seaside of Elefsina, Greece, are possibly the last traces of how local people some 70 years ago used to savor this lavish land and the sea. But if you are thinking of sea-bathing here today – don’t (just yet)!

While racing for their livelihoods and in response to the economic roller coasters of the last 70 years, the people of Efelsina have seamlessly transformed their city. It turned from the cultural and natural pearl of ancient Greece into a predominantly cargo port and industrial hub.

They worked a lot and survived, but in the process, the most seem to have forgotten how to use and enjoy their space to the fullest.

The beaches of Elefsina have mostly become void of children’s play. The seagulls’ chatter was replaced by the constant purr of the cargo ships. And, what one may occasionally smell are some of the local environmental problems.

There is hope yet! In recognition of its history and potential, Elefsina was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021. This opened the space to new visions, investments, and opportunities.

Many of its citizens and local organizations will be joining the team of “Elefsina European Capital of Culture 2021” in rethinking and revitalizing their natural and social environment, boosting their creativity, culture and community resilience.

And also – making their beach cabins come to life again!

Feeling curious about how they plan to do it?!

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