Museum of Slavonia feat. heritage interpreters @ Osijek

The Museum of Slavonia in Osijek was a perfect location to host a training course for future certified trainers of heritage interpretive guides and writers.

An exceptionally rich history and culture of the region, condensed and curated in the Museum of Slavonia, provided an inspiring and challenging canvas for future interpretive trainers of the Interpet Europe organization (IE).

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Connecting for cultural resilience @ Slavonski Brod

The Association of Museums of Eastern Slavonia in Croatia held their general assembly on 22 November 2019.
Building on their recent experiences with floods, and in consideration of other current and upcoming risks to their heritage collections, the Association used the event to advance the disaster risk preparedness and resilience of their member museums.

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Deliberations on written heritage protection @ Sarajevo

Gazi Husrev-beg Library in Sarajevo has hosted its First international conference on the protection of written heritage on 16 & 17 September 2019.

Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, India, and Malaysia discussed protection methods and conservation systems for written cultural heritage.

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Two sectors meeting @ Zagreb

National and University Library in Zagreb, in partnership with Cultural Innovation Center and International Institute for Climate Activities, has organized a seminar titled Protection of cultural heritage in crisis on 7 November 2019 in Zagreb.

The event brought together two sectors: cultural heritage, and civil protection sector. At the event the sectors were bridging the silo-gap, recognizing that they have one job to do together – prepare culture for the disasters, as anticipated by the comprehensive national risk assessment.

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Ready, steady in Čakovec

The first CSSU training course “Towards the more resilient libraries: mitigating large incidents” was held in Čakovec on 30 October 2019.

During five intense hours, through relaxed but focused interactions the participants cover six basic units.
The topics included disaster-related operations, logistics of prevention, response and recovery, the role of civil protection and other emergency stakeholders, interoperability, planning, and risk assessment.
All training units addressed the specific circumstances of libraries affected by large incidents.

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Facing faces with Krešo Rajki

Contemporary artist Krešo Rajki presented his new exhibition “Faces Faces”. The exhibition features a collection of 19 paintings done in pen (11) and coal (8). Some of the paintings hold a captivating artistic dare – backgrounds plated in silver and gold.

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Women in Space @ Zeitz MOCAA

Among many wonderful, the two images at the Zeitz MOCAA – Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town marvelously resonate globally. These depict two women in (the global) space: a Zambian Afronaut (with Two Cats) from[…]

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