A luta continua in Soweto

There is still much work in Soweto to ensure dignity and equal opportunity for everybody in that community, as well as around the world. Resolution of some of the challenges depends solely on the local people, yet many responsibilities may lie with the larger society and global contexts.

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Pretoria National Botanical… Park

The size and layout of the Pretoria National Botanical Garden in Tshwane make the venue an inspiring and welcoming park, which invites exploration and leisure. This garden-park presents a marvelously organized diversity of plants and animals. The Gauteng[…]

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Conversations at the Joburg Theater

Play “Waiting for Nelson”​ by writer and director Mbasa Tsetsana at the Johannesburg Theater featured a duo of clearly talented actors who comfortably used a spectrum of techniques, sometimes acting, and sometimes maybe not, to illustrate that the theater topic of race and social divisions is not only fictional, and situations are not entirely, or only, black and white.

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Life @ Varaždin × EYC 2022

Just like it should be, a youth NGO, Varaždin Underground Club (VUK), is the champion of the candidature of the City of Varaždin for the European Youth Capital 2022.

Visit the new KVART zone at the Špancirfest in Varaždin this year, 23 Aug – 1 Sep! KVART is the new hood of the festival designed and produced in cooperation with the VUK and EYC teams, a great opportunity to get a taste the teams’​ production of freedom, openness, love, and diversity envisaged for 2022 EYC campaign.

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It used to be Macho

Šabac is a city situated in Central Serbia and is the forerunner of social innovation in the country.
In its younger days, in the 13th and 14th century, Šabac was called Macho.

In the People’s Museum Šabac is one peculiar exhibit: a poster illustrating strong political polarization of the 1930s. This chilling piece of propaganda is weighing the advantages of Nazism and disadvantages of Bolshevism for Serbia of those days.

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Social Resilience Building in Serbia

On the 20 August 2019 Šabac hosted an international professional conference “Economic empowerment of the vulnerable groups through the development of social entrepreneurship”​.

The consortium of organizations led by Association Duga, including Iskorak from Croatia, as well as Subversive Front and HERA from Northern Macedonia, gathered around 60 state social workers from different parts of Serbia. They considered experiences and innovative approaches in building social resilience in their communities.

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20 years of heritage angels in Zagreb

It has been over 20 years since the Academy of fine arts’​ Department for conservation and restoration of artwork in Zagreb was established.
The Department has lived up to its mission in the recent two decades, inspiring development and innovation across sectors, which may be instrumental in tackling larger social and academic challenges in the next two decades.

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Hats off to – hats

Covering heads for practical or cultural reasons is seen across centuries and around the world. By the same token, taking a head-cover off sends a strong message of respect and admiration.

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