Ready, steady in Čakovec

Twenty-four librarians from Northern Croatia took part in the first CSSU training course “Towards the more resilient libraries: mitigating large incidents”, in Čakovec on 30 October 2019.

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The course featured 5 intense hours to cover six units, including presentations, exercises, discussions, and many examples. The participants covered the topics of disaster-related operations, logistics of prevention, response and recovery, the role of civil protection and other emergency stakeholders, interoperability, planning, and risk assessment, as they pertain to the libraries affected by large incidents.

The enthusiastic participants showered the course with own examples and current issues. Thinking together to find answers and solutions made the course a wonderful learning exercise, which ultimately seemed to have lasted a blink of an eye.

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The goal of the training course was to increase the libraries’ organizational capacity to recognize risks, improve readiness and cross-sector interoperability. Also, respective libraries improved their ability to effectively respond to large incidents that may threaten their collections.

The organizer of the Čakovec course was the CSSU. The staff of the Library Nikola Zrinski Čakovec was a welcoming host, providing the participants with very efficient and pleasant premises, including their modern multimedia hall, efficient support by staff, and warm hospitality.

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The second incarnation of the course will take place on Thursday, 8 November 2019 at the National and University Library in Zagreb. This course will feature a slightly different program. In the first half, the course will again cover the managerial, assessment and logistical aspects of disaster risk management for libraries. The second part will focus on paper conservation and restoration, crucial for libraries in the response and recovery after large incidents.

A heart-whole thanks go to the organizers, CSSU and Library Nikola Zrinski in Čakovec, as well as to the amazing group of super interested colleagues librarians, as jointly made our communities more resilient to disasters.

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