Trotting @ Robberg Nature Reserve South Africa

Robber Nature Reserve

The Robberg Nature Reserve is situated and enclosed on the Robberg Peninsula in South Africa.

The Park maintains a solid visitors management system and with continuous advancements seems to operate sustainably and to the benefit of the wildlife and the visitors alike.

It is a part of the marvelous South African Garden Route, a 300-kilometer stretch of the south-eastern coast of South Africa, extending from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape.

This amazing Nature Reserve, I visited in May, is situated 8 km south of Plettenberg Bay. It is also a national monument, with rocks dating back 120 million years, and with evidence of middle and later Stone Age inhabitation in some of the caves along the peninsula. The Nelson Bay Cave is one of the oldest, occupied from 120,000 years ago, by various tribes, including San and Khoikhoi people.

The reserve extends 1.8 km offshore, providing protection to a range of vulnerable fish species. The trails are very well marked and maintained. The info-boards are simple yet informative, presenting the peninsula’s curious history and geology.

Hikers will enjoy the company of a variety of bird species, including the sighting of the occasional seal, dolphin and whale, and enjoying a view of the seal nursery.

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