20 years of heritage angels in Zagreb

Tempus fugit for Department for conservation and restoration of artwork at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb (OKIRU ALU).

It has been over 20 years since the Academy of fine arts’ Department for conservation and restoration of artwork in Zagreb was established.

This happened in response to large national restoration and conservation projects, strong interest of the community, and impressive professional know-how.

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Maybe it is not obvious from this standpoint, but it could just be that the first 20 years of OKIRU were – easy. The anticipated social and environmental challenges will put the Department’s academic and social role to test, with a view to possibly make it more important than ever in navigating through the messages from the past articulated in heritage.

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The era gone was marked with a festive celebration for all students, academic and technical staff, and numerous friends of OKIRU, sparkling with cozy friendliness of celebrators and friends.

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A short formal program on Wednesday 12 June 2019 preceding the main festivities included several personal accounts of the Department’s development, and a presentation of the publication documenting the successes and challenges of the first 20 years of the Department.

With wishes to continue to nurture the spirit of togetherness and academic deliberation in conservation and restoration, and consequently, the deep and human-oriented interpretation of cultural heritage and its meandering meaning/s, there is little left but to congratulate in awe for the amazing work done, and amazing professional and human standards reached.

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The Department has lived up to its mission in the recent two decades, inspiring development and innovation across sectors, which may prove to be instrumental in tackling larger social and academic challenges of the next two decades.

Photos sourced from OKIRU.

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