Facing faces with Krešo Rajki

Contemporary artist Krešo Rajki presented his new exhibition “Faces Faces”. The exhibition features a collection of 19 paintings done in pen (11) and coal (8). Some of the paintings hold a captivating artistic dare – backgrounds plated in silver and gold.

A series of human portraits and three captivating paintings of one important dog attested to Krešo’s artistic skill, as well as his curious and playful choice of techniques.

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The exhibition was presented in the Library Tin Ujević in Zagreb on 15 October and was available for two weeks.

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When observed from the distance the paintings would possibly seem like an artistic photograph, yet a closer inspection reveals the intelligent interplay of imaginatively combined techniques and skilled artistic play.

The silver and gold plating adds a kind of analog yet captivating special effect, rendering the portraits with changing and contextual appearance.

Depending on the viewer’s angle, portraits with the background plating alter their appearance: from some angels, the gold and silver plating is virtually invisible, while from others provides a sort of internal illumination of the painting. In the process of changing the angle of observation, one may also enjoy the subtle organic changing patterns of the background plating surface.

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At the opening session, Krešo Rajki explained that the inspiration came from sketching his friends as he was chatting with them. This was later transformed by playing with techniques into large scale portraits.

Besides presenting his pen and coal exhibitions on various occasions, Krešimir Rajki is also an origami master. His work with origamis further affirmed his fascination with face and shape, shades and – experimenting with demanding artistic techniques.

We are looking forward to facing some more artistic faces by Rajki.

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