Feelings for the Butterflies

Artist Krešimir Rajki of InK has organized an amazing exhibition advocating for visibility and support to our young friends in need, butterfly-children.

The exhibition seeks to increase visibility, and call for deeper understanding and wider support for the children affected by the bullous epidermolysis – a condition that renders patients’ skin exceptionally sensitive.

Also, the exhibition also acknowledges and promotes the work of the organization Debra – Society of Bullous Epidermolysis. This organization provides support and visibility advocating for the wider institutional and social support to the butterfly-children.

This wonderful video accompanying the exhibition was created by audiovisual artist Marko Tošić.

This public awareness origami project was led by Krešimir Rajki and backed by the organizations Debra, several branches of the Zagreb City LibrariesMakoto – Croatian Japanese Society, Nippon Origami Association (NOA), Croatian Origami Society (COS), and Cultural Innovation Center (InK). The activity embodied an international, innovative and collaborative work, gathering amazing world artists and community resources.

The butterflies reflect the color of our time, says the project leader: “Generally speaking, Japanese culture likes to attribute some kind of symbolism to colors. The idea of this project was to reflect the color of our time – which is maybe – recycling.”

Krešimir Rajki also continued to explain the idea behind the project, and connections between the library, butterflies and origami.

These butterflies were created using pages of the decommissioned picture-books.

In their original life, they were telling a story to the children posing as pages in picture books.

And now, in their second life, the pages tell the story on behalf of the children in need – as the butterflies.

The project gathered Croatian and Japanese origami masters and artists in creating hundreds of amazing butterflies that populate the spaces of the several Zagreb Library branches and sent a powerful message.

The list of heartwarmingly dedicated artists-volunteers from Croatia and Japan: Shoko Aoyagi, Isamu Asahi, Yuko Fujimoto, Takenao Handa, Ryoko Harikai, Manabu Ichikawa, Hideo Ishibashi, Fusako Nagai, Taiko Niwa, Takako Ogura, Katarina Potaćek, Satoko Saito, Yu Sano, Sanja Srbljinović Čućek, Mieko Suzuki, Harumi Takei, Katsuhisa Yamada, Akiko Yamanashi, Želimir Zlatić & Krešimir Rajki.

The original exhibition was initially opened at the Zagreb Library Tin Ujević in February 2020. After two weeks, the Japanese-section of the exhibition started its voyage around the other city libraries, and can currently be visited at the Zagreb Library Savica. Further destinations will be announced on social media or the participating organizations. The entry to the exhibition is free, and the exhibition is available in the library working hours.

The project was most graciously supported by packaging and paper company Radoform, and many kind individuals behind the partner organizations and friends.

The idea and activity were also warmheartedly embraced, hosted and supported by the librarians and staff of the Zagreb City Library, benefiting from their immense dedication and continuous assistance.

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