#justmen, but masters at Baxter Theater

As a child, he received his first library card one day. And on the card, it said he was – Master. He looked at this parents with eyes wide open: but, how can that be?

Four men tell own true stories about gender-based violence in their lives: committed, witnessed, or experienced. The performance builds on the ongoing process work, which supports men resolving issues related to violence, community, commitment, and self-appreciation.

This emotion-stirring multi-layer performance hosted at the Baxter Theater in Cape Town sends a strong message to all those who feel like men:

Maybe you are #justmen, but you can also be masters (of your lives).

You need to show up to the people you love and care about, own up your behavior and responsibility for your community, and open up about your feelings.

The Baxter Theater elaborates:

“With the worldwide outbreak of #MeToo disclosures which has seen countless woman breaking the silence on sexual abuse as well as the frequent SA news headlines of our children being raped, abused and murdered, it has been a long time coming for men to take collective ownership of what is a man’s issue.

#JustMen has been commissioned by the Baxter Theatre Centre and funded by the City of Cape Town to proactively tackle this issue and empower a unified stand from men. It is a multi-lingual docu-drama about men taking a stand against men who abuse woman and children.

The purpose is to engage through honest conversation about what it takes to transform the collective responsibility, accountability and behaviour around the culture of male abuse of women and children.

How can men show up and take a stand?”

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