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Just like it should be, a youth NGO, Varaždin Underground Club (VUK), is the champion of the candidature of the City of Varaždin for the European Youth Capital 2022.

This restless youth organization (its short name meaning wolf) currently delivers the city’s prime innovative youth cultural and social program. Since 2005 its teams designed projects and activities to engage the city youth, citizens, and visitors, promoting personal action, inclusion and responsibility. In short: fighting ghosts.

The five shortlisted candidates for the European Youth Capital 2022: Baia Mare (Romania), Kazan (Russia), Poznań (Poland), Tirana (Albania), and Varaždin (Croatia) will be submitting “their final, updated applications on 22 September 2019 and will have the last chance to convince the EYC 2022 Selection Jury why they should be awarded the title”, reports the official EYC / Youth Forum web site. “The winner of the European Youth Capital 2022 will be announced at the Award Ceremony in Amiens, European Youth Capital 2020, on 21 November 2019.”

VUK & Varaždin recognized that it is time to deal with the local and national ghosts. These ghosts have “brought apathy, exclusion, alienation, populism, nationalism, non-participation” to Vraždin that “used to be a city full of young people and vibrant life”, as stated in their EYC application. This application does not only tell the story of fighting the ghosts. Its design and layout are already doing it.

The leitmotiv of ghosts imaginatively reflects the impressions and feelings of the youngest citizens, who are just entering the converging conundrum and opportunities of wider social, economic and political space of Croatia, the region, and Europe.

Just as well, the leitmotiv may also resonate well and hopefully inspire understanding, support, and action among their parents, and the older generations, playfully building on the cinematic oldie The Ghostbusters (1984).

There is no rest for the wicked! To get a feel of what the Varaždin young ghostbusters are already doing visit Varaždin’s summer festival Špancirfest between 23 August and 1 September.

A particular novelty of this year’s Špancirfest is KVART zone. It is the new hood of the festival designed and produced in cooperation with the VUK and EYC teams. It is also a great opportunity to get a taste of the teams’ production of freedom, openness, love, and diversity envisaged for 2022 EYC campaign.

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