Social Resilience Building in Serbia

On the 20 August, 2019 the city of Šabac hosted an international professional conference “Economic empowerment of the vulnerable groups through the development of social entrepreneurship”.

A consortium of organizations led by Association Duga, which also included Croatia-based Iskorak and North Macedonia-based Subversive Front and HERA, gathered around 60 state social workers from different parts of Serbia.

They considered experiences and innovative approaches to building social resilience in their communities.

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The participating professionals candidly responded to the invitation to consider the innovative and contemporary approaches and good practice examples in social entrepreneurship, which focus primarily on vulnerable groups.

The conference was organized as an activity of the Erasmus + project “Coming Out of Unemployment”. It served to present the manual for youth workers and good practice examples from the region and worldwide.

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Speakers at the conference were Miroljub Nikolić representing Caritas Šabac, Antonio Mihajlov representing Subversive Front, Marija Angelovski representing HERASaša Tkalec representing Iskorak, as well as Snežana Đurović and Snežana Ivanović representing Social Work Center Užice. Dubravko Pogledić headed the Croatian delegation from Iskorak.

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The speakers presented own experiences and projects, with local, regional and international perspectives. After the presentations, the participants gathered in facilitated groups for workshops and further discussions.

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