The game is on: Rijeka racing for the future in 2020

Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture is an ambitious and courageous project of community transformation and development, reclaiming the regional title of the Port of Diversity.

“Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture is a project with which Rijeka desires to primarily improve the scope and variety of the city’s cultural offer, expand accessibility and participation in culture, build capacities in the culture sector and its ties to other sectors, and improve international visibility as well as the city’s and region’s profile.”

In these words, Rijeka expresses its desire to rise to the level of affluence which it already enjoyed – as one of the socially and economically most advanced cities in several previous countries.

This is not easy to accomplish in the current climate of Croatia. Despite, and possibly also because of it, Rijeka devised an ambitious program of cultural and social revitalization of the community.

The city of Rijeka recognized that culture, in the widest sense, is one of the main axes of development. By adequate expression it allows, encourages and supports creativity, inclusion, cooperation, and solidarity – all the very basic preconditions and media for facilitating development.

The program Rijeka 2020 aims high – to enhance social and economic development on the wings of the previously widely known and appreciated local ethos of openness.

This Port of Diversity, as the city re-imagines itself, calls in the recent memories of the international and multicultural heritage of Rijeka, its welcoming spirit and high standard of respect, creative expression, and inclusion.

One of the emblematic projects is the RiHUB, a co-working space which hosts the creating of these lines. This space is envisaged to support the local and visiting entrepreneurs to develop their cultural, social and commercial projects, network, and more.

The Rijeka 2020 game is on! Join and enjoy!


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