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This Friday 13 of December 2019 @ Zagreb may just as well be long remembered! And, for good.

The City of Zagreb Disaster Risk Management Office organized a conference Protection of Zagreb’s cultural heritage in crisis, which again gathered professionals from the two sectors: civil protection and emergency services, and cultural heritage protection sector.

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This conference complemented the similarly themed seminar organized by the National and University Library in Zagreb only a month earlier, on 7 November 2019.

The conference was hosted by ZICER – Zagreb Innovation Center and it featured opening address of Tomislav Petrinec of the Ministry of culture and a total of 12 presentations, structured in two panels. The conference welcomed around 150 participants.

The first panel considered multidisciplinary approaches to cultural heritage protection. It was moderated by Ivana Krišto of the City of Zagreb Disaster Risk Management Office, and it presented the following presenters, institutions, and topics:

  • Niko Fabris (Ministry of the interior, Directorate for civil protection): Cultural protection in crisis segments in the Directorate of civil protection
  • Siniša Jembrih (City of Zagreb fire department): Fire in Notre Dame – analysis and global consequences
  • Goranka Horjan (Ethnographic museum): Regular maintenance as risk prevention
  • Anita Cerić (Faculty of civil engineering at the University of Zagreb): BIM in maintenance and protection of cultural heritage buildings
  • Josip Atalić, Mario Uroš, Marta Šavor Novak (Faculty of civil engineering at the University of Zagreb): Quake risk for the City of Zagreb with consideration of the critical infrastructure buildings
  • Želimir Kramarić (Zagreb development agency): Possibilities for cultural heritage projects financing from the structural funds.
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The second panel considered practical experiences in managing cultural heritage risks. The panel was moderated by Saša Tkalec of the InK • Cultural Innovation Center, and it presented the following presenters, institutions, and topics:

  • Markita Franulić (Technical museum Nikola Tesla): Specificities of the building, heritage and potential crisis situations of the museum
  • Ivona Marić, Tea Rihtar Jurić, Dunja Vranešević (Museums documentation center): (Lack of) Readiness of the Zagreb’s museums to disasters
  • Dragica Krstić (National and university library in Zagreb): Initiation of the collections protection systems in crisis for the National and university library in Zagreb.
  • Lana Bubenik (Croatian Radio Television): Protection of the audiovisual heritage of the television in crisis
  • Marija Jagunić (State archives Karlovac): Damages to the building of the Karlovac archives during the Homeland War
  • Mislav Barić (Croatian history museum): Position of the Croatian history museum in crisis as an example of risks for the cultural heritage in the Upper City of Zagreb.

The conference was also attended by Marko Trupković of Nature Park Žumberak, also a director deputy of the InK • Cultural Innovation Center.

After the presentations, the near-by Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb treated the interested participants with the guided visit to the current exhibitions.

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This seminar and conference illustrate a wonderful mirroring in the two sectors of the recognition of the contemporary relevance of the common two-sector topic is a good prelude for 2020 joint activities of the two sectors in Croatia.

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